Dead Man Breathing due to faith of his wife!

His wife believed God for a miracle!

My interview with Billy Jack and A’leta McDaniel at the International Christian Retail Show (ICRS) in Orlando was one I will never forget. On March 3, 2006 in the oil fields of East Texas, Billy Jack was burned over more than 95% of his body. Without warning his rig exploded, instantly engulfing him in a blazing inferno that changed his life as he knew it. Their book Dead Man Breathing is the true story of a living miracle – one man’s refusal to die.

Most people who saw his condition, including the doctors, did not believe he was going to live more than 24 hours — they thought it virtually impossible. It is believed Billy Jack is the worst work related burn-victim in history. As he lay in the burn center in Shreveport his muscular 200 lbs body was so swollen it appeared to be 700 lbs, his tongue was swollen and laid out of his mouth, and soaked wrapped bandages covered him from head to toe. Only a very small area of his face was visible for breathing.

Enter: the faith of his believing wife A’leta. She announced to the doctors that he was NOT going to die. She also didn’t want anyone in his room that would “lose it” by crying or being negative. She believed in God for a miracle! She was by his side through his 100 surgeries (approximately 50 more to go), and all his pain and suffering. Behind her exceptional beauty is a tower of strength and courage. Billy Jack says he sees A’leta as an oak tree standing in the middle of a field of pines. In Dead Man Breathing (Chapter 24) is the incredible story of how her strength changed the life of the judge in charge of their case.

Daily living was far from easy, but A’leta held it all together. Their six-year-old daughter Carney was extremely traumatized and had her own adjusting to do. She used to run and jump in her daddy’s lap when he returned home from work — she could no longer do that.

Depression set in: One day Billy Jack was sitting at his table in Florence, Miss., with a Bible in front of him and a gun at his side. He was going to do what it took to escape the pain, until he picked up that Bible and opened it to the crucifixion of Jesus.

Today, Billy Jack’s hearts desire is to feel his daughter’s kiss on his cheek – presently his body has no feeling. Remember your blessings — at least most of us have our ears and we never had our eyes sewn shut. Because of a merciful God, and a faithful wife, he is no longer a “dead man breathing” – he is a “miracle walking.” I highly recommend reading and sharing Dead Man Breathing! (As he signed my book he wrote John 14:14. Take a deep breath and pray for Billy Jack, A’leta, and Carney. Visit

My last meeting of the book show was with Joan Hunter, President of Joan Hunter Ministries. She is a healing evangelist, best-selling author, wife, mother, and grandmother. As the daughter of the world renowned “Happy Hunters,” she carries on the legacy with miracle services and healing schools worldwide. Her latest books Freedom Beyond Comprehension (September 2012 release) and Supernatural Provision: Living in Financial Freedom will help you do just what the titles denote.

After seeing her on the Sid Roth Show It’s Supernatural, it was a delight to meet her. Her presence is bigger than life! She talks, walks, teaches, and prays large — addressing emotional and financial needs as well as spiritual and physical healing. She has seen the blind receive their sight and the lame walk! Her vision is to equip others to take the healing power of God beyond the walls of the church to the four corners of the earth.

Through her books and CDs you will get to know her better. She too has her own story of tragic circumstances, impossible obstacles, and immeasurable devastation. For more than 30 years she has been sharing her personal message of hope and restoration and how she emerged victorious. Her heart is to help the brokenhearted live in freedom from their painful past, and to be happy, healthy, and financially well. Learn more at

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